Apothecary shop, follow up

At the moment I'm researching my next project, but today I want to wrap up the apothecary set project with a final post. I'll go over the construction of the shop itself and a few items that I forgot to mention earlier. For the shop structure I used a 25 x 25 x 22 cm... Continue Reading →

Apothecary shop complete!

Well I've been too busy to post recently, but just before Halloween I managed to get the apothecary set finally finished! I've been so lost in the individual details that went into making the whole, that I was surprised when I came to the end of my to do list, and looked up to find... Continue Reading →

Apothecary: potted plant

I've been working on the exterior of the shop for a few days, and as it came together, I just knew something was missing. The shop front is all varying shades of green, so I thought about having a bright red, Virginia creeper vine to break it up. As I was considering options, I remembered... Continue Reading →

Apothecary: coin purse and cloak rack

So now that the shop and its interior are almost complete, it's time to start thinking about apparel. After making the tool roll a while ago, I was inspired by how painting fabric would prevent it fraying. Naturally it drew my mind to clothes and accessories, and how painting may allow me to bypass hemming in... Continue Reading →

Apothecary: rug

I'd been debating whether to add a carpet to the set for a while, when I found a roll of upholstery webbing in my craft cupboard. It had a nice coarse knit, and a good width, and besides, colour-wise it almost perfectly matched the shop sign I'd already made. I cut a 12 cm length... Continue Reading →

Apothecary: broom and ladder

This week I've achieved more than any other week on this project so far. I don't work well with deadlines, so didn't officially set one for myself, however, I knew I wanted to finish the shop before Halloween. Amazingly it seems as though I'll actually be able to reach that goal! Apart from embroidery, I've... Continue Reading →

Apothecary: wall hanging

Having completed most of the interior it became clear that I needed to fill the empty wall space in my apothecary set. While I couldn't find anything on how an apothecary shop may have been decorated, I decided that as half shop half house, it would be ok to decorate the set as a home. One... Continue Reading →

Apothecary: work table

Last week I revisited a few items I wasn't very happy with, including my cabinet, and what I'm going to share today, the work table. The previous version was an L-shaped, cardboard affair that looked nothing like a wooden table. So it was back to the drawing board for me, and I finally decided to make... Continue Reading →

Apothecary: glass jars

The time has come to make glass jars! I spent ages thinking about how to make them without resin, and finally came up with a solution. I like to save all kinds of odds and ends, and among those things I found a plastic punnet, as seen below. I'm not sure what it was originally... Continue Reading →

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