Apothecary: coin purse and cloak rack

So now that the shop and its interior are almost complete, it’s time to start thinking about apparel. After making the tool roll a while ago, I was inspired by how painting fabric would prevent it fraying. Naturally it drew my mind to clothes and accessories, and how painting may allow me to bypass hemming in places where it would look too bulky. To put it to the test I decided to make a coin purse with a painted instead of hemmed rim.

I cut a circle of dark brown cotton (I should have ironed it, but I’m a bit lazy) and painted a regular stripe, with one layer of acrylic paint, all the way around the edge of one side. It was a little darker than it should have been, but as it’s on the inside it doesn’t really matter.

To make the drawstring I punched holes about 0.5 cm apart and about 0.5 cm from the edge all the way around using a thick embroidery needle. I then cut a length of thick thread, and used the needle to guide it through the holes i’d prepared, starting from the outside i.e on the unpainted side.

coin purse

Once the thread came full circle (both ends of thread on the outside of the purse, but not through the same hole), I tied two knots on both ends of the thread so they wouldn’t slip back through the holes. I then simply pulled the draw stings to close the purse. Closed, the strings seem quite long, but they can be wound several times around the neck of the purse or, looped through a belt when worn. For the coins I used a leather hole punch and some chocolate coin wrappers.

I’d forgotten to make the cloak rack until I hung the wall hanging over the fire, and realised there was a suspicious patch of empty wall space left. well, I soon put that right!

coat rack 1

Using hardwood about 0.5 cm thick, I traced and cut my pattern for the cloak rack. I sanded the edges, then darkened it with wood stain, leaving it to dry overnight. For the pegs, I used lengths of wire about 4 cm long, folded them in half, then curved up the folded end to make a hook. I then folded the two unattached ends away from each other in small arcs, as seen below. It’s easier to use two pairs of pliers, as the pegs are so small it’s hard for the fingers to hold them firmly. After making all three pegs, I glued them to the wooden mount with super glue.

coat rack 2

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