Apothecary shop, follow up

At the moment I’m researching my next project, but today I want to wrap up the apothecary set project with a final post. I’ll go over the construction of the shop itself and a few items that I forgot to mention earlier.

For the shop structure I used a 25 x 25 x 22 cm cardboard wine box. After cutting away one side I painted the interior and set about making the interior fittings. I put three cardboard beams (about 1 cm high) width-ways across the floor, one against the back wall, one right at the front, and one in the middle. This allowed for the wooden flooring to be laid down, with a gap beneath the boards. I used Popsicle sticks for the boards, staining them with watercolour to get different shades of brown. I glued down all but three of the boards, these I glued to each other and to two foam supports, making a secret removable compartment (as seen below).

Apo inside

Next, I installed the shelves and the bed area (all made of cardboard). I didn’t have much of a plan to start with and I now slightly regret the simple white brackets I used for the shelves. I’ll be taking more care in my next project! The fire place was the next addition, I felt it was appropriate because the set is mostly shop, but also partly a house. I used painted balsa wood for the structure of the fire place and printed the background with a red brick design.

Between preparing the interior of the shop and the exterior of the shop, I made all the items to go in the shop. I’m actually quite glad I did, because with the interior complete and fully furnished, I could design an exterior that would suit it better.

I had already used a dark forest green in my shop sign so I decided to run with that colour and do the whole exterior a dark green. As you can see below it was quite a messy process, I wish I’d put down some news paper!

You can see (above) that the wooden boards are quite uneven, so to cover this up, I made the bottom strip of the exterior a little higher than the boards. I think this worked quite well, you can see the finished result in the top image.

Apo green front

Now for a few items I forgot to post about. What would an apothecary shop be without a pestle and mortar? I used air dry clay for the form, and acrylic paint in varying greys to give it a marble/granite texture.

Apo P+M

Apo cauldron

The cauldron is similarly made with air dry clay, while the frame is two lengths of wire twisted together. For the fire I used three bits of twig with paper glued between them  for fire.

Apo scales

I had a vague idea of how I would attempt to make the scales, but I was surprised at how well they came out. The base and the scale cups are made from, you guessed it, air dry clay. Meanwhile, the frame is a piece of kebab skewer for the vertical support, with an indentation cut into the top, and the horizontal arm is a toothpick, wedged into the indentation. the two pieces are removable, but also very stable when assembled.

Apo basket

Here is a basket I made with wire and thread, I think it would be perfect for collecting herbs and other ingredients for the shop.

Last, but not least, I decided to give my apothecary a pet. If you look closely to the picture at the top you might just see two yellow eyes staring out of the carpet. Well, that would be Juniper, the pipe cleaner cat.

Apo cat

Well, that’s it for the Apothecary set, I’m still researching my next project, but I’ll be back with the plans for it soon.


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