Making miniature 18th c. shoes

In my last post I announced that my next project would be a shoemaker's shop. Before going into full research mode I made a pair of shoes just to see that I could, and all the skills and time the shoemaking would require. As they are probably going to be one of the more technical... Continue Reading →


Next project revealed!

shoes, glorious shoes!

Apothecary: potted plant

I've been working on the exterior of the shop for a few days, and as it came together, I just knew something was missing. The shop front is all varying shades of green, so I thought about having a bright red, Virginia creeper vine to break it up. As I was considering options, I remembered... Continue Reading →

Apothecary: rug

I'd been debating whether to add a carpet to the set for a while, when I found a roll of upholstery webbing in my craft cupboard. It had a nice coarse knit, and a good width, and besides, colour-wise it almost perfectly matched the shop sign I'd already made. I cut a 12 cm length... Continue Reading →

Apothecary: wall hanging

Having completed most of the interior it became clear that I needed to fill the empty wall space in my apothecary set. While I couldn't find anything on how an apothecary shop may have been decorated, I decided that as half shop half house, it would be ok to decorate the set as a home.¬†One... Continue Reading →

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