Apothecary: shop sign

Recently I've been so focused on what to put in my apothecary set, that I haven't considered how I want the outside to look. So this week I did some research for possible ideas. I'm still toying with how I want it to look overall, but I did decide I definitely wanted a shop sign,... Continue Reading →


Apothecary: tool roll

Apothecaries were responsible for more than just concocting and dispensing medicine in the 18th century; they also acted as modern general practitioners, treating a range of common ailments, as well as carrying out minor surgeries, such as pulling teeth. As a result they would have had quite a large collection of tools to aid them... Continue Reading →

Apothecary: scrolls and letters

I know this is definitely pushing the bounds of what kind of literature an 18th century apothecary would have owned, but I decided to make some scrolls anyway, and claim my character inherited a few, ancient medical texts from a wealthy relative. Plausible…right? I used rice paper, which looks much more natural than bleached A4... Continue Reading →

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